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What is acoustical wallpaper?

Posted on: May 19, 2016 by admin

It may not be something that you think about you when you are picking wallpaper, but wallpaper has the ability to help dampen the sound. This is where acoustical wallpaper can really help. You can’t expect wallpaper to entirely deaden the sound, but it can work as a way to reduce the level of noise. If you don’t understand why you need a wallpaper that helps to reduce the noise, then you don’t need to continue reading. However, if you find yourself thinking that sounds like a good idea, keep reading.There are a number of reasons to check out acoustical wallpaper.

  • You share a wall with your neighbor and would like to buffer the daily noises.
  • You have a playroom or a child’s bedroom, and though you love the sound of how happy they can be, you may want to dampen the sound.
  • If you entertain company and want to have quiet spaces during high volume visitors.
  • You live in a noisy neighborhood and want to help reduce the sound you hear inside.

The reason that acoustical wallpaper is able to reduce noise is because it is layered. One of the additional layers is either a foam or latex mix that can really deaden noise in the room and coming from the other side. This also means that the wallpaper feels a bit softer, which adds a nice feel to the room.

Fortunately, the additional material and layers in the wallpaper does not affect the way you hang the wallpaper. Nor are you restricted in the kind of room where you can hang acoustical wallpaper. This means you can add noise reducing wallpaper in other rooms besides walls you share with a neighbor or a play area. Acoustical wallpaper can be used in the kitchen to muffle the sound of cooking or the dishwasher, in the laundry room to dull the sound of your washer and dryer, or the wall next to the garage to reduce the sound of the door opening and closing.