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How Commercial Wallpaper Is Sold?

Posted on: June 18, 2019 by admin

Commercial wallpaper, unlike residential wallpaper, is sold by the yard and typically packaged in 30-yard increments.

Regular wallpaper is packaged in double rolls when you’re buying it for a house. It’s either a:

  1. 27-inch-wide x 27-foot-long double roll
  2. 20.50-inch-wide x 33-foot-long double roll

Commercial vinyl, however, is neither of those widths. It’s made to cover larger areas and produce less seams. Therefore, manufacturers make commercial wallpaper 54 inches wide. This is double the width of sheet of wallpaper (covering 2x the area).

How To Calculate Commercial Wallpaper

In theory, one yard of commercial wallpaper should cover 13.50 sq. feet of wall space. This is playing it close, in our opinion, and we do not recommend using that number.

There is always waste even with random match, reversible, wallpaper. This is even more so when your factor in that most installers will double cut the wallpaper and overlap the sheets. What’s more, mistakes always happen during installation that will eat into the total yardage purchased.

We've found that dividing your square footage by 12 is the optimal way to calculate how much commercial wallpaper you'll need.

Example: 500 sq. ft ÷ 12 = 41 yards needed. In this example, you would need to order 60 yards because you have to order in 30-yard increments and 30 yards wouldn’t be enough in this scenario.

You need to plan accordingly if you need to order more than 150 yards. Very rarely we or factories carry 1000s of yards of every pattern we have on display. Largest quantities will need to made in a custom run. The lead time for this is anywhere between 4-6 weeks, taking longer in the summer because all the wallpaper factories shutdown in July for maintenance and inventory.


How Commercial Wallpaper Is Sold?