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Determining the right wallcovering type for your commercial space

Posted on: May 23, 2016 by admin

Wallpaper has come a very long way over the centuries. Today, you can choose a covering that is stylish without having to sacrifice durability. The problem is that you may not know where to start choosing the right paper because there are so many different types, including specialized covering. It can seem overwhelming, but ultimately there are three things you need to consider to get the optimal results for your commercial space.

Traffic and Durability

For wallcoverings, these two things are very closely linked. The more traffic you have in an area, the more durable you need the wallcovering to be. Consider what is likely to go on in the room before determining the types you will look at for an area. Hallways are typically the easiest to space to handle. Nearly everyone will go through the hallway, which means they will be bumping against the walls, scratching them with bags and purses, and scuffing them up. You will want at least Type II wallcovering for this area because traffic will be high and active.

Locations where people tend to be waiting or stay seated most of the time will be alright with Type I paper. The room will still get a good bit of traffic, so you want something more durable than common wallpaper. However, people will usually be sitting on furniture or remain in the center of the room, so you won’t need something as resilient as the covering for the hallway.

Type III is for really heavy duty traffic that is likely to punish the walls, such as a childcare center. People will be flooding into the room with great frequency, and many of them will be bumping into the wall, leaning against it, or knocking objects against the wall with great frequency.


You want something that is not only durable, it needs to be able to withstand the punishment of time. All of the types are able to withstand things like sun exposure, but the Type II and Type IIIs meet stricter requirements for sustainability. If an area will be exposed to more sun or other elements, you should consider a type that is more sustainable.


While not as important as the other two aspects, it is ultimately what makes an impression on the people who enter your building. You want something that can handle all of the pressure and abuse, but you also want it to look consistent. This may mean you need to get two different types of wallpaper, so you will need to find a pattern that covered by two different types. You could also choose different types with similar color schemes. There are many ways to keep consistency without having to cover the entire building with a more expensive type just because you have one or two areas that will have a constant flow of traffic.