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Blog on Wallpapers and Commercial Wall Decor

What Does Osnaburg Backing Mean?

Posted on: June 27, 2016 by admin

Osnaburg backing refers to the type of material on the back of wallcovering, and today the term specifically applies to Type II wallcovering. The fabric of osnaburg is always woven, making it stronger and more durable than more traditional wallcovering backing. It can come in several different types and blends. Quick History The original wallpapers were actually composed of linen and fabric, usu... [more]

Random Reversible and How to Hang It

Posted on: July 06, 2016 by admin

The term random reversible relates to the random match type of wallpaper or wallcovering. Random match refers specifically to the type of pattern, while random reversible pertains to how the wallpaper or wallcovering should be hung when it is applied to the wall. It is easily the quickest wallcovering to hang because the strips are made so that you don’t have to work around restrictions... [more]

The Basics of GSA Federal Specification CCC-W-408D

Posted on: August 09, 2016 by admin

The General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Specification CCD-W-408D is a 15-page document containing the requirements, rescinding of, and reinstatement of federal guidelines pertaining to wallcovering that includes a vinyl coating. You can review a full version of the document if you are interested in seeing a very brief history (the specification was rescinded from 6 September 2001 until 1... [more]

Why is Permeability Rating Important When Choosing Commercial Wallcoverings?

Posted on: November 29, 2016 by admin

When you are buying wallcovering, you probably already know to look for certain things like how easy the wallpaper is to clean or how long you can expect it to last. You probably aren’t even aware of what a permeability rating is, let alone why it is important. What Is the Permeability Rating? The permeability rating is a measurement of how easily water vapor can permeate the wallcovering.... [more]

What is Contract Wallcovering?

Posted on: June 07, 2019 by admin

Contract wallcovering is any type of commercial vinyl used in commercial spaces. It will either be Type I 15 oz. goods or Type II 20 oz. goods. Corporate, healthcare, and hospitality areas can't use regular wallpaper that you would hang in your living room. Even heavyweight solid vinyl wallpaper would get scratched and torn to shreds within a matter of weeks (or even days) due to too much wear an... [more]

How Commercial Wallpaper Is Sold?

Posted on: June 18, 2019 by admin

Commercial wallpaper, unlike residential wallpaper, is sold by the yard and typically packaged in 30-yard increments. Regular wallpaper is packaged in double rolls when you’re buying it for a house. It’s either a: 27-inch-wide x 27-foot-long double roll 20.50-inch-wide x 33-foot-long double roll Commercial vinyl, however, is neither of those widths. It’s made to cover lar... [more]

Residential Wallpaper vs. Commercial Wallpaper

Posted on: May 08, 2020 by admin

What is the difference between residential wallpaper and commercial wallpaper? The most straightforward answer is that there isn’t any difference…but there is. Conventional residential wallpaper is used in commercial spaces all the time and what’s considered “commercial grade wallcovering” is also sometimes used in homes. Both Can Technically Be Used Everywhere Th... [more]

Securing Style and Safety: The Role of ASTM E84 Standards in Commercial Wallpaper

Posted on: February 25, 2024 by admin

  Introduction: Elevating Aesthetic Appeal with Fire-Safe Solutions In the dynamic world of interior design, commercial wallpaper stands as a beacon of both creativity and sophistication. From sleek corporate offices to vibrant retail spaces, wallpaper serves as a canvas for expressing professional style and ambiance. However, amidst the quest for aesthetic exc... [more]

What is the difference between Type 2 and Type 3 wallcovering?

Posted on: February 25, 2024 by admin

Type II and Type III wallcoverings are classifications used to distinguish different levels of durability and performance in commercial wallcoverings. These classifications are established by the Wallcovering Association, an organization that sets standards and guidelines for the wallcovering industry. Here are the key differences between Type II and Type III wallcoverings: Type II Wallcoverings... [more]

What is IMO certified wallpaper

Posted on: February 25, 2024 by admin

IMO certified wallpaper refers to wallpaper that has been tested and certified to meet the standards set forth by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for use in marine and offshore environments. The IMO is a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for regulating safety and environmental standards in the international shipping industry. IMO certified wallpaper is specificall... [more]