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Duratec Wall Protection

Duratec preforms like wallcovering but give you the wall protection of actual panels. What’s more, these options actually look good. Type III products have always been limited and for a lack of better words, ugly. It was something you had to go with but dreaded doing it because of how bad and boring all of them looked. Now you can get wallcovering that performs just like a Type III AND be ascetically pleasing at the same time.

  • Health and Safety (Maintain with Hospital Grade Disinfectants and full strength blench)
  • Tough but Pretty (No need to compromise style for performance)
  • Easy to Clean and Disinfect
  • Exceptional Durability (Scratch and impact resistant)
  • Low VOC (improve air quality)
  • Type III Performance (38oz. per yard semi rigid wallcovering)
  • Stain Resistant (impervious to sharpie, mustard, iodine, and more)


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